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Week 34: Report from our customer Ursula Kluck
Report from Iceland Sea Angling's customer Ursula Kluck "Never in my whole life I have experienced a day like yesterday. Tough it took about an hour until we came to the fishing spot, it was fully worth the
Practical information when travelling to Iceland


A valid passport is necessary for visitors to Iceland. Citizens of the following countries may enter Iceland using, instead of passports, national identity-cards issued by the competent authorities in their countries of origin: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
The Icelandic monetary unit is the "krona" (ISK). Coins are in denominations of 100 kr., 50 kr., 10kr., 5 kr. and 1 kr. Bank notes are in denominations of 5,000 kr., 2,000 kr.,1,000 kr., and 500 kr. All Icelandic banks provide foreign exchange.

Credit cards
Credit cards and debit cards are widely accepted in Iceland and are also used to pay small amounts. Cash can be obtained against these cards in all banks and ATMs.
A refund of local VAT (value-added tax) is available to visitors to Iceland. The refund will result in a reduction of up to 15% of the retail price, provided departure from Iceland is within 3 months after the purchase is made. The purchase amount must be no less than ISK 4,000 (VAT included) per sales receipt. Tax refund is both in Reykjavík and Keflavík

The duty-free store at Keflavík Airport is open to coincide with flight departures and arrivals.
The country code from overseas is +354 + a seven-digit number.
Mobile telephones
GSM mobile phones can widely be used around Iceland. When arriving in Keflavík, you can buy prepaid SIM-cards. Check for rates at or There you can also obtain information about network coverdage.

Mobile Internet
G3-service is widely available around the country. When arriving in Keflavík, you can buy prepaid SIM-cards and USB dongles. You can, however, also bring your one USB dongle and use an Icelandic SIM card (NB: the USB dongle may then not be SIM-locked). Check for rates at or There you can also obtain information about network coverdage.

For weather information in English check


Iceland is on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) throughout the year, and does not go on daylight saving time. In winter, Iceland is one hour after countries like Germany, the Netherlands or Denmark, in summer two.
Medical insurance
Citizens of Scandinavia have to show valid medical insurance and a passport in case of medical emergency. Citizens of EEA countries must have the E-111 form, otherwise the patient will be charged in full. Citizens of other countries are charged in full. For further information contact the State Social Security Institute or your health insurance company.
Call 112 countrywide for police, medical and fire emergencies.