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Week 34: Report from our customer Ursula Kluck
Report from Iceland Sea Angling's customer Ursula Kluck "Never in my whole life I have experienced a day like yesterday. Tough it took about an hour until we came to the fishing spot, it was fully worth the
Facts about Iceland
Area: 103 000 km2
Coast line: 4 970 km
Sea area with fishing limits: 758 000 km2
Vegetation: 23 805 km2
Lakes: 2 757 km2
Glaciers: 11 922 km2
Wasteland 64 538 km2
Nearest country: Greenland, 287 km
Capital: Reykjavík
Population: ca. 320 000
Language: Icelandc
Ethnic groups: 93% Icelandic, 2% Nordic, 5% other
Highest mountain: Hvannadalshnjúkur, 2 110 m
Biggest glacier: Vatnajökull, 8 300 km2
Longest river: Þjórsá, 230 km
Deepest lake: Jökulsárlón in Breiðarmerkursandur, 260 m
Highest waterfall: Glymur, 190 m
Government type: constitutional republic
Independence: 1918 (sovereign state under danish crown), 1944 (from Denmark)
National anthem: Lofsöngur
Unemployment rate: 7,6% (2010)
Industries: fish processing, aluminum smelting, geothermal power, tourism
Agriculture products: potatoes, green vegatables; mutton, chicken, pork, beef, dairy products
Exports - commodities: fish/fish products ca. 40 %, aluminium, animal products
Source: Hagstofa