KW 34: Bericht von unserer Kundin Ursula Kluck
Bericht von Iceland Sea Anglings Kundin Ursula Kluck "So einen Tag wie gestern habe ich noch nie erlebt. Es dauerte zwar eine Stunde, bis wir an der Angelstelle angekommen waren, aber es hat sich gelohnt. Alle paar
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Bolungarvik is a fishing village and municipality in the North-West of Iceland, located at the Vestfirðir peninsula, approximately 14 kilometres from the town of Ísafjörður and 473 km from the capital city Reykjavík.


Bolungarvík had 888 inhabitants on 1 January 2011.


It is one of Iceland's oldest fishing outposts, well positioned close to abundant fishing grounds. The quiet countryside attracts some tourists, mainly in summer. There is a camping site, an indoor swimming pool with a waterslide, A National history museum and an open air fishing museum. The surroundings of Bolungarvík are quite popular destinations for hiking, horse riding and birdwatching. People in town have a few apartments for rent and all basic facilities, such as bank, a post office, a bar, a sweet-shop, health-care centre, kindergartens, high-school and a community centre.

Our guide in Bolungarvik speaks German, English and Icelandic.  He has a vast experience in fishing the seas around Bolungarvik as he has worked as a guide for Iceland Sea Angling for five years.


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