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Week 34: Report from our customer Ursula Kluck
Report from Iceland Sea Angling's customer Ursula Kluck "Never in my whole life I have experienced a day like yesterday. Tough it took about an hour until we came to the fishing spot, it was fully worth the
Friday, 03 August 2012 10:52
Week 31: Mümmelmann and the cod of his life

Hermann „Mümmelmann“ Kinne from Nordhorn could again catch many a big cod. During the guided tour with Matthias Brill from Bolungarvík Hermann several enormous cod bit Hermann's hook. That day's last fish was even the biggest one in Hermann's life. At a length of 134 cm and a weight of 31,25 kilos, it was really a tremendous one! The cod bit on a Bergmann pilker at a depth of about 70 m. Congratulations, Mümmelmann, og tight lines!