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Week 34: Report from our customer Ursula Kluck
Report from Iceland Sea Angling's customer Ursula Kluck "Never in my whole life I have experienced a day like yesterday. Tough it took about an hour until we came to the fishing spot, it was fully worth the
Friday, 17 August 2012 13:09
Orca whale and monkfish

On July 25th, fishing guide Matthias Brill and his guests from Bolungarvík could watch a magnificent group of killer whales, which consisted of eight animals led by a big alpha male with an enormous fin. The orcas were playing and tolerated the fishermen. "A wonderful experience", states Matthias Brill.

Also fishing itself was successful that day. The day's highlight was a monkfish of exactly 20 kilos at a length of 112 cm. Many big cod up to 20,5 kilos at 130 cm length made that fishing day an unforgetable experience for our guests.

Tight lines from Bolungarvík!