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Week 34: Report from our customer Ursula Kluck
Report from Iceland Sea Angling's customer Ursula Kluck "Never in my whole life I have experienced a day like yesterday. Tough it took about an hour until we came to the fishing spot, it was fully worth the
Thursday, 12 July 2012 13:11
Week 28: Success in Tálknafjörður - 30-kg-cod

At a summerly warm 15 °C and sun all day, group Boeters who had come with Cordes Travel  to Iceland went for a trip to the wreck near Tálknafjörður with guide Tom Krüger. The tour was resoundingly successful, as the catch was amongst others several cod of about 18 kilos and ling between 15 and 18 kilos. The biggest cod were 21, 22 and 23 kg, and the day's success was a 143 cm and 30-kg-cod! Iceland Sea Angling sends greetings to the successful fishing guests and: Tight Lines!



Friday, 06 July 2012 09:46

 Week 26 and  27: Cod, cod, cod…

Iceland Sea Angling's guests' success of week 25 and 26 could be maintained this week. Summer has come to Iceland, and we still have temperatures around 15 °C these weeks.

Our guests are enjoying the warm and calm weather on board the boats, and the fishing guides help them getting to the chunks. Tom Krüger from Tálknafjörður and group Weidmüller got really big cod: 21 kilos, 22,5 kilos, 25,5 kilos and even 26 kilos were the result when wheighing the fish. This week's greatest success was a 30-kg-cod og 1,44 m that guide Matthias Brill from Bolungarvík and guests hauled on board.




Thursday, 28 June 2012 14:25
Week 25 and 26: Angling at the wreck near Tálknafjörður and great weather in Súðavík 

In week 25, several Tálknafjörður-based guests went on a trip to the wreck near the little fishing village with guide Tom Krüger. One of that tour’s successes was a 29-kilo-cod. In week 26, the warm, sunny and calm weather was just great for fishing. Kai Biala, guide in Súðavík, was doing tours all day long, and many guests caught the biggest fish of their lives. „We got  unbelieveably big ones! Our muscles still hurt, but we happily accept that“, remarked Michael Kruppa and friends who stayed in one of Iceland Sea Angling’s houses in Súðavík.






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